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Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very intelligent, lively, and short tailed dog. It has a small head and smooth coat. The dog is usually black or seal-colored with even white marks. Terrier’s head and body size are proportional, a physical indication of its intelligence. The dog has high sense of order, determination, strength, and activity.

Although its ancestry can be traced back to aggressive dog breeds, the Boston Terrier is more of a lover. However, male terriers display their fighter traits when another dog invades their territory. Terriers are affectionate and lively, making them very loveable. However, the dog breed can at times be stubborn and hyperactive getting them into trouble with their owners. Boston Terriers are muscular and strong despite their small size. The dog has large and erect ears and beautiful round eyes that make it look distinctly good.

The terrier has a flat-nosed face. In addition, its lower jaw is proportional to its body while the upper jaw is shorter to give it a face shape that appears pushed in. The dog breed has a wide chest, proud neckline, muscular body, and short tail. The dog’s small size, affectionate and lively behavior makes it a good family pet and companion.

a) Terriers are vulnerable to heat stress. They have a short nose hence air drawn into their lungs does not cool efficiently. In addition, the dogs have a short coat and cannot survive very cold or temperate climates. This means that they have to be kept indoors during such weather.
b) Due to their breathing problems, it is advisable not to pull their neck collars because that may obstruct airflow into their lungs.
c) Terriers are prone to corneal ulcers.
d) Depending on the diet, terriers are prone to indigestion; if you cannot deal with a gassy dog then this dog breed may not suit you.
e) Terriers often drool, snore, and breathe loudly.
f) Male terriers can be aggressive when they feel like other dogs are invading to their territories.
g) Terriers eat lots of food. Owners need to monitor their diet to prevent them from becoming overweight.

There are three weight classes of terriers: Below 15 pounds, 15 to 19 pounds, and 20 to 25 pounds. The dog’s height is normally 12 to 17 inches. Most terriers look strong and chubby regardless of their height.

Terriers are smart, affectionate, and lively with a gentle character. However, terriers need socialization when they are young to expose them to different sounds, experiences, sights, and people.

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