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African Boerboel

The African Boerboel is a strong and intelligent dog breed that is also known as the South African Mastiff. It is known for being well balanced and having buoyant movements. This dog breed is also imposing and has impressive features. Male dogs usually appear distinctly masculine while the female dogs look feminine. The dog’s body parts are proportional to each other.

One of the most striking features of the African Boerboel is its head because it represents its true character. The dog has well filled cheeks and a broad, deep, and square body. The top of the South African Mastiff’s head if broad and flat and has prominent muscle development. In addition, the dog’s face blends symmetrically with the head. It also has a visible top that is not prominent.

The muzzle of the African Boerboel is black with large, widely spaced nostrils. The top line of the head is deep, broad, tapers slightly to the front, and parallel to the nasal bone. The nasal bone of an adult South African Mastiff can be eight to ten centimeters long. The dog has a loose, fleshy upper lip that covers the lower lip, but does not hang lower than the lower jaw.

The jaws of the dog are strong, deep, broad, and slightly narrow to the front. The dog usually has narrow, well developed, and spaced set of 42 teeth. It usually prefers the scissors bite. In addition, it has broad, horizontally set eyes that are in various shades of brown with pigmented eyelids. It also has medium-sized, V-shaped ears that are proportional to the head. The ears are set a bit wide and high against the head.

The dog’s ears form a straight line with the head when the African Boerboel is alert. In addition, the dog has a noticeable muscle curve on its neck. The neck of the South African Mastiff is strong, muscular, of medium length, and in proportion with the rest of the body. The neck may have loose skin that become taut towards the front legs.

The body of the South African Mastiff is slightly narrow towards the loin. In addition, it has a relatively straight top line, broad straight back, prominent back muscles, and a short loin. The dog has a strong-looking and broad rump with distinct muscle development. The South African Mastiff has a short tail attached high to the body. Its hind paws are relatively smaller than the front paws. However, the dog’s paws are big and well rounded with dark carved toenails. The paws usually point straight forward. Consider removing dewclaws.

The dog has thick, well-pigmented skin that form wrinkles around the forehead when it is alert.... Read More

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