Z-How To Teach Your Dog To Shake


How to Teach your Dog to Shake

Common in all of the books that offers tricks for dogs is a chapter on how to teach your dog to shake. The reason behind this is that this trick is one of the easiest tricks that a dog can learn and it is also a good bonding moment for both party which is the dog and the owner as his master. But because of the fact that this kind of trick is common to be taught in books as well as the internet, one is leave confused on what to take seriously. There are many ways on how to teach your dog to shake but the procedure that this article will give is one of the most effective and easy to be done.

First thing that you have to do with your dog in order for you to teach him this kind of trick is that let him sit while the lesson that you are feeding him is on-going. It is proven that in sitting position, the dog is more likely to pay attention on what you are saying. Another thing is that the dog, when taught of this trick in standing position, will never balance itself as you try to grab his paw.

Speaking of grabbing his paw, this is the second thing you are going to do in knowing how to teach your dog to shake. One of the best ways to get this step started is to scoop his paw up then held it gently then proceed to the actual shaking of the hand. After doing that, make sure that you will give your pet a reward for him obeying your orders. If you are not convince in this kind of procedure, you have another option like hiding the treat in your hand, keeping it close, put your hand near the nose of your dog. He will then smell the treat and after that, he will grab your hand and all is left to do for you is to shake it.

After you have achieve the second step, next on the list of how to teach your dog to shake will never be a burden to you. All you have to do is repeat what you have achieved in order for the dog to get the trick that you are imposing to him.  This will get the dog familiarize on the trick and make sure that when doing that, try to utilize the so called positive reinforcement that will compliment him.

If the dog is getting use of the trick because of the some repetitions, the next and last thing that you are going to do is verbalize the trick with word “shake”. Try to resume with training by repeating the steps but this time, try to incorporate the word for him to memorize that whenever you are saying that, he will do the things that you taught him to.

One of the advantages of this training process compare to other trainings that teach how to teach your dog to shake is that this is not time consuming compare to others.