Z- Kidney Problems In Dogs


Kidney Problems in Dogs

Kidney is one of the most important organs both human being and an animal have for they perform the task of eliminating the toxic wastes of the body making a burden for your pet to have kidney problems in dogs. Aside from the fact that kidney is the one responsible for eliminating the toxins that the body has; they are also the ones who are keeping the correct balance of the body.

Kidney problems in dogs happen when the specific organ is unable to do the task that is given to him by the body. His kind of condition that is experience by dogs comes in two forms. The first form can be classified as acute. This is caused by the irreparable damage to the kidney. This classification of problem has a target of both young and adult dogs alike. While the other form or classification of the problem is known to be called as chronic. This kind of classification is dubbed to be as progressive in a sense that they develop slowly in a period of time. They are commonly experienced by dogs in much older age.

The kidney problems in dogs are caused by many factors. Some of this is the ingestion of harmful chemicals. Aside from that, the dog might swallow antifreeze or maybe rat poison. Aside from that reason, this kind of disease can also be traced by fungal infections as well as bacterial ones and also heart disease can also contribute. One factor that can greatly affect the illness is the age of your pet, this is because of the fact that kidney problems in dogs will fade as the age of the dog grows.

The symptoms that are caused by kidney problems in dogs can be classified as wide range. Two of the symptoms that are greatly seen are the increased urination and drinking. Aside from that, Dehydration can also be a problem. This are the common but there are symptoms such as loss of appetite, muscle weakness, diarrhea, discoloring of the teeth, and ulcers can also be seen in dogs that are experiencing this kind of illness.

Kidney problems in dogs can be treated in such a manner. The primary cause of the illness must be cured first. In lieu to that, the dog can be suggested to have an intake of intravenous fluids. This is done for the dog to be aided in removing waste from blood. This method is one of the common procedures that an owner can do. If this methodology didn’t work, the pet that is under your custody will have to go under a treatment that is known to be as dialysis. But kidney problems in dogs that are known to be classified as chronic can never be cured or treated. The treatment it has will only slow the process of the illness but can never cure the illness completely. The dog will have an intake of special diet and also is suggested to have plenty intake of water.