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American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are very sturdy, muscular, and powerful. Unlike their English counterparts, American Bulldog, also known as Old Country Bulldogs are swifter, more agile with compact bodies, and higher on their legs. These dogs are capable of jumping up to six feet or more. Females are more refined while males are characteristically stockier with heavier bones. The dogs have large heads and strong jaws. They are also light on their feet and quite agile. Their wide, muscular chests give them the sense of athletic prowess and ability.

American Bulldogs have a muscular neck, which tappers from the shoulders to the head. Some may have a slight dewlap. The breed is characterized by a square head, which is broad and large with full cheeks. The head is fairly in proportion to the size and general makeup of the dog. The dogs have a distinct furrow between their rounded eyes, with a defined, sharp, and definite deep stop.

They normally bite in reverse scissors. However, a moderate under bite, scissors, or even a complete bite are also acceptable with this dog breed. This type of dog has a variety of ear types including forward flap, cropped, rose, and half-pricked. However, the American Bulldog Breeders Association Standard prefers uncropped ears. Their eyes come in innumerable colors. Most white American Bulldogs have black-rimmed eyes. According to the American Bulldog Breeders Association Standard, Old Country Bulldogs do not have pink colored eyes. Most of them have black, brown, red, or grizzle noses. According to the standard, black is the preferred nose color for Old Country Bulldogs.

Most dogs with black noses have black lips, although some may have pink lips. The lips are normally full and not loose. Their front legs are strong, straight, and heavy-boned. The hind legs are very thick and broad with well-defined muscles. Old Country Bulldog’s low set tail is thick at the bass and tapers to a point. The dogs have short and smooth coats. They are found in different shades of brindle including red, varying degrees of red, fawn, white, tan, and piebald.

This breed is loyal, brave, determined, and reliable. It is alert, self-confident, and genuinely loves children. They are not hostile. The dogs are known for their heroism towards their masters. They possess strong protective instincts. The breed normally needs a strong, self-assured, and consistent pack leader. The dogs are also easy to socialize. To prevent them from becoming reserved with strangers, it is important to undertake obedience training at an early age. An Old Country Bulldog can be very aggressive with other dogs. Therefore, pet owners with this type of dog breed should learn to control them, especially when other dogs are around. To be truly happy, this breed needs to be around people and know their place in the park. Most of them tend to slobber and drool. It may become hard to handle them without frequent mental and physical exercise.

Height, Weight
Height: Males can grow to a height of between 22 and 28 inches (55 – 70 cm) while females can grow to a height of between 20 and 26 inches (52 – 65 cm).

Weight: Males weigh approximately 70 – 120 pounds (32 – 54 kg) while females weigh between 60 and 100 pounds (27 – 45 kg)

Health Problems
Many Old Country Bulldogs suffer from hip dysplasia.

Recommended Housing Conditions
This dog breed can comfortably live in a home or kennel provided it is sufficiently exercised. Unlike other dog breeds, American Bulldogs are inactive indoors. They do quite well with at least an average sized yard.

One of the best exercises for this type of dogs is long daily walks.

Life Expectancy
They can live up to 16 years old.

Litter Size
They produce an average of 11 puppies.

It is easy to groom the dogs thanks to their soft and short coats. Use a firm bristle brush to comb and brush the coat. Bath the dogs only when necessary. This breed sheds averagely.

The original Old Country Bulldogs were used in the bloody sport called bull bating. They were also used by ranchers and small-scale farmers for security and hunting bears, squirrel, raccoon, and wild boar. The Old Country Bulldogs have better agility, longer legs, and are faster than English show dogs. The Old Country Bulldog is a prized worker for farmers because of its intelligence, working abilities, stamina, and protectiveness. The dogs can be trained to guide and drive cattle.

The Old Country Bulldogs exists today thanks to the efforts of John D. Johnson. John decided to combine numerous specimens he could get all across the rural South to come up with the Old Country Bulldogs. This happened during a period when the English Mastiff was almost extinct. He followed his father’s footsteps by bringing up the dogs longer than anyone else in the world. The Old Country Bulldogs would be extinct were it not for his efforts. Old Country Bulldogs are known for their many talents including hunting, tracking, guarding, and weight pulling. They are also some of the best security dog breeds.

The Old Country Bulldogs are considered a healthy breed that can generally live for about 10 to 16 years. However, their genetic makeup makes them prone to various health complications including ceroid lipofuscinosis, a nervous system disorder that causes changes in retinal cells and swelling, ACL tears, cherry eye or a mass that protrudes from the dog’s eyelid, disorders of the thyroid and kidney, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia (a form of dysplasia common in larger bred dogs), bone cancer, and entropion (a condition that inverts the dog’s eyelid).

This dog breed lives for its family and may become destructive if left alone for prolonged periods. This can be a major problem for pet owners who live alone and often have to leave their dogs in the house to go to work or other engagements. The Old Country Bulldog is strong willed, learns quickly, and will respect its owner. The dog breed looks imposing and can provide an effective security presence for a home.

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