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Bichon Poo

The Bichon Poo also referred to as the Poochon or Bichon Frise Poodle mix, is a “designer dog” that is bred to blend the best characteristics of the poodle and Bichon Frise. It usually weighs eight to sixteen pounds and can reach a height of about a foot high. This dog has a lifespan of about twelve to fifteen years. Poochons acquire distinct characteristics from both parents because they are hybrids.

According to the AKC standard, the Bichon Poo is a white powder puff of a dog that displays its merry temperament by raising its fluffy tail and panting excitedly. It is a friendly pet that enjoys playing games, snuggling into pillows and laps, as well as perching into the back of the sofa to peer out of the window. Bichon Poo is often friendly to everyone including other pets.

A small yard to trot around and stretch its legs as well as a daily or even weekly walk is all the exercise the dog needs. However, early socialization is essential to develop their confidence since they are usually timid when young.

The furry fellow responds well to non-forceful training and is not a dominant dog. There are various tricks you can use to train the dog. Its eyes usually become bright when food treats are offered as rewards. However, the dog may become aggressive and spiteful when treated harshly.

Most Bichon Poos have these three common behavioral issues.
1. They are usually very difficult to housebreak.
2. They do not do well when left alone for long periods of time since they are sociable and dependent on human companionship.
3. They have a high-pitched bark that some people may find annoying.

If you want a small and sturdy dog that is playful and does not need much outdoor exercise; a dog that does not shed its curly coat and gets along with other pets without being aggressive, a Bichon Poo may be the right dog for you. However, if you are not ready for frequent trimming of the curly coat, potential excessive barking, and destructive social anxiety when left alone, then avoid adopting this furry fellow.

However, the dog responds quit well to obedience training. This type of training can help eliminate some of its unfavorable traits including frequent barking and destructive behavior when left alone. Some of the tips for adopting a Poochon include:
• Identify the right puppy as well as the right breeder
• Alternatively, visit an animal shelter or rescue group and get a Poochon with the temperament you want.

Additional traits and characteristics of these pets
Active and intelligent
Poochons usually have a lot of energy because their poodle and Bichon Frise parents are also active dogs. Therefore, the fact that the dogs have extra energy should not come as a surprise. In addition, these dogs are able to adapt very well to their environment. However, daily exercise of at least half an hour is essential. The Poochon is considered to be in the top quartile of intelligent dog breeds. This intelligence will come in handy when you are housebreaking the furry fellow.

Good-natured and High-Spirited
The Poochon will fit into almost any home due to its accommodating nature. In addition, it will fit in perfectly in with young children and other pets. Its personality is good natured and high-spirited hence it will enjoy lots of playtime with children. This is good for both children and the dog because they will benefit from the physical and mental stimulation that comes with playing. However, it is important to note that Poochons are prone to fractures even when dropped from a distance about the height of a young child.

Poochons require regular fur clipping and trimming every six weeks as well as regular brushing and combing to keep their coat free from foreign objects and dirt. However, Poochon owners should not expect their dogs to look like the show dogs they see on dog shows. Some of those looks require hours of work by expert dog groomers. In addition, show dogs often do not get the opportunity to play in the yard. All you need to do instead is to clip your dog’s coat short to minimize combing and brushing. This will make your dog look like an adorable puppy throughout its life.

According to dog behavioral experts, Poochons can be quite difficult to housebreak. Crate training should not only be mandatory but also consistent. A doggy door leading out to a covered potty yard is necessary since these dogs sometimes will not go out in the rain. One of the reasons why most of these dogs are turned over to rescue organization is because of housebreaking problems.

Finding a healthy one and keeping him healthy
Unfortunately, some of these furry fellows sometimes scratch the furs and skin so much that they develop skin complications. In addition, Poochons are affected by pollen, chemicals, and fleas. This dog breed is also susceptible to urinary infections, bladder stones, cataracts, ear infections, and diabetes. To avoid these complications, adopt your dog from the right breeders and keep your puppy healthy by keeping it on an immune boosting diet.

Separation anxiety
Unlike many dog breeds, Poochons require a great deal of companionship and do not like being left alone for prolonged periods. These dogs are adversely affected by separation anxiety that manifests in chewing household items and barking to express their unhappiness. In addition, Poochons will quickly sound the alarm when they notice new sounds and sights. However, proper training can minimize the frequency of the barking.

The price of a Poochon puppy ranges between $350 and $1000. Many pet lovers feel this is a small price to pay for the delight and friendly nature of this dog breed. First generation Poochons are often the most robust and are popular among pet lovers. It is important to buy Poochon puppies from a reputed dog breeder who can guarantee that the puppies are truly a mix of pure breed Poodle and Bichon Frise.

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