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Collie Information


The Collie is a large breed that gives birth to about 6 puppies per litter. Weighing up to 75 lbs., males can grow up to 26 inches tall. Females weigh in at 65 lbs. at the most, and grow up to 24 inches tall. The Collie lives for about 14-16 years.


Intelligent, loyal, and hardworking, Collies are a breed with a history as a working dog. Now beloved as a family pet, they are said to be extremely fond of children and loving towards all family members. The Collie is a dedicated pet that forms strong bonds with its people.

The Collie has a reputation as a diligent, serious, and fearless dog thanks to the many books, television shows, and movies that have depicted the breed. While these are noble traits, it is important to remember that these things are works of fiction. Though the breed does exhibit many fine qualities, it is actually quite lively, fun, and playful. Collies are considered to be amiable dogs that enjoy walks, running through the yard, and other activities. They thrive on human companionship, and the more they receive, the happier they will be.

Collies were bred as working dogs, usually employed in watching over and herding sheep. Because of this, they get along well with other animals and pets. They are not known to show aggression toward other people, pets, or even wild animals, though they will bark. They are very alert and vocal, and barking may be something that needs to be addressed in training.

The Collie does have a reputation for being somewhat sensitive. They are known to pout or go off by themselves if they feel they have done something wrong. They do not react well to harsh treatment or yelling. The breed also requires a great deal of affection and attention. Without it, they can become bored, depressed, or even destructive.


There are two types of Collie. The rough coated Collie, and the smooth coated Collie. The rough coated Collie is the type most people are familiar with thanks to movies and television. The rough coat is long, thick, and has a coarse texture. It also has a dense, wooly undercoat. In fact, the undercoat is so heavy that the dog’s skin is not visible. The smooth coat consists of short, thick fur that lies close to the body. Smooth coated Collies also have a substantial undercoat. Both types are considered to be heavy shedders.

Smooth Collies require brushing with a stiff bristled brush about once per week. This will remove any loose or dead hairs, redistribute natural oils, and keep the coat shiny.

The rough coated Collie, on the other hand, requires frequent brushing to remove loose or dead hairs, prevent tangles, and to keep the undercoat from matting. They will also need brushing to removed dirt, leaves, and anything else that gets tangled in the long fur. Both breeds will need bathing every other month or so. The smooth coated Collie is fairly easy to bathe. The rough coated Collie can prove to be more of a challenge at bath time, as the fur will have to be thoroughly dried and brushed out. It is suggested that the rough coated type sees a groomer every few months or so to make sure that the coat is properly washed, conditioned, and cared for.

Both types will need to have their nails trimmed and their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Ears should also be checked for irritation or signs of infection.

The Collie is a fairly healthy breed, though it is subject to several possible health ailments. These include minor skin ailments, gastrointestinal disorders, joint problems, deafness, and some eye conditions. Regular vet care is recommended in order to keep the dog in excellent health.

Collies are described as moderately active dogs, though they do require daily exercise. They do well with walks or runs. They also do well with large, fenced in yards, or on farms. Because they are so intelligent, Collies need varied activities so that they do not become bored. Collies that do not receive enough mental stimulation are known to form destructive habits.

Because of their careers as working dogs, Collies are highly trainable. They are said to lose interest and become lethargic if the routine becomes mundane or too easy, so it is best to provide a challenging, varied, training routine. The breed can also be somewhat stubborn at times. In spite of this, it is important the training is gentle and respectful to the breed’s sensitive disposition.

Collies are very agile and capable dogs. They do well with herding tests, in the show ring, and in agility competitions. They can achieve an advanced level of training if it is done properly.

Owning a Collie

Collies do not do well as apartment dog due to their size and activity level, so potential pet owners need to consider if they have adequate space to accommodate this large breed. The second most important thing to consider is time, as the dog does not do well if left alone for a long while. Thirdly, owners should think about the amount of grooming both types require, and decide if they can accommodate the dog’s needs.

Because of their popularity in print and on film, Collies are a breed frequently subject to the practice of puppy mills or breeders who practice in less than ideal conditions. It is very important to research the breeder the puppy is being purchased from in order to make sure that they are licensed, reputable, and operating in a manner that will provide you with a healthy, purebred dog. It is essential to ask a lot of questions about the dog’s background and health history prior to purchase.

Occasionally, Collies do end up in shelters or with pet rescues. Adult Collies can also make excellent pets. Because they love people and thrive on human companionship, a re-homed Collie can be trained and become a treasured family member.

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