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The cross between the pug and beagle dog breeds results in a fun loving and cute dog known as the Puggle. This dog breed makes a great family companion and gets along well with Kids and other dogs. However, the furry little fellow enjoys barking a little too much. I addition, the dog breed may not be very enthusiastic about training. Nevertheless, Puggles are very intelligent and loving companions. Puggles are also known as Beagles and Peagles.

Bringing this crossbreed home will warm the hearts of everyone in the family and it will feel like opening a beautifully wrapped package on your birthday. Most people assume that crossbreeds are a combination of the best traits of two or more breeds, but genetics does not work that way. Gene combination and expression processes are not always under the breeders control especially when it is a combination of two breeds. It is essential to keep this in mind before you adopt a dog; the dog you adopt may either be healthier than a purebred or develop health complications that affect either of its parent’s breed.

A mix between the independent nose on four legs known as the Beagle and the playful, lap-sitting, loving pug may be difficult to imagine but that is what a Puggle is. The only thing that these breeds have in common is that they are popular, small, cute, and short-coated.

Theoretically, the Beagle’s independent ways are supposed to match the Pug’s influence and offset the escape artist and roamer tendencies of the little hound with the home and family loving traits of the pug. Peagles are usually trainable, people-friendly, and enthusiastic best friends. However, they can also be uncooperative, selectively deaf, stubborn, and just not that into you. However, this has not stopped Peagles puppies from being one of the most expensive dog puppies.

The best character traits of the Peagle are its robustness, playful spirit, sense of humor and desire to please. These are what you should expect if you are lucky enough to find one of the rare conscientious breeders of Peagles. They are also famous for their notorious chowhound and eat-until-you-pop habit. You should also keep an eye out on your Peagles, especially when preparing or eating food because they can steal food right out from under your nose.

Even within the same litter, crossbred Peagle puppies can look different from each other. Some may take the features of their parents while others may not even look like their parents altogether.

Beagles are prone to certain health complications that affect Pugs and beagles. However, the health complications that can affect Beagles are determined by the traits they inherit from either parent as well as their temperament and activity level. Beagles can be quite large and weigh more than 30 pounds.

Beagle Temperament and Personality
The personality of the Beagle can sometimes be unpredictable because the dog breed is a blend of two breeds. However, most Beagles are outgoing, friendly, and affectionate. Some Beagles may adopt more of their beagle parent traits and become barking dogs. However, proper training can keep this trait in check.

These dogs usually get along well with other dogs but their Beagle chase instinct may kick in when they spot a cat. They also have a stubborn streak, especially during training, a character inherited from both the beagle and the pug. Therefore, be patient with the dog during training and use praise and food rewards to make the short training sessions interesting to the dog.

The dog’s temperament is usually inherited. It is advisable to choose a puppy that is neither bossy nor too docile. To promote friendly behavior, be sure to socialize your puppy while it is still young. Pups that are 16 weeks old are highly receptive to new people, places, sights, sounds, and experiences so this is the best time to start training them. Expose them to different things, objects, and situations to develop their confidence.

What You Need to Know About Beagle Health
Just as people have the potential to inherit certain health complications, so can dogs, including purebreds and crossbreeds, develop genetic health problems. Therefore, avoid adopting puppies from breeders who cannot ascertain the health status of their puppies or tell you the exact breed of their puppies.

A reputable breeder will tell you the exact breed of the puppies you want, the breed of the parents, and inform you of the health complications that the puppies are prone to. Although the genetic diversity attained by mixing two breeds may lower the chances of developing certain health complications, Beagles may be susceptible to the health problems that affect Pugs and Beagles. Pet owners can take various steps to protect their pets from developing health complications. This may involve taking the puppies for regular health checkups and eliminating factors in the puppies’ environment that may cause health complications.

Detection of all inherited conditions is not possible in a growing puppy and the prediction of whether an animal will be free of certain health complications is almost impossible. Therefore, find a committed and reputable breeder who breeds the healthiest animals.

Basics of Beagle Grooming
Beagles have short coats just like both Beagles and Pugs that require minimal grooming. A weekly brush with a rubber curry brush is all the little fellow requires and he is good to go. This will help keep the loose hair under control because Beagles shed a lot of fur, a trait also common in Beagles and Pugs. In addition, bath your Beagle whenever necessary such as when his pug and beagle genes kick in and compel him to roll into something stinky. Also, use vet-approved pet toothpaste to brush its teeth and keep its ears clean and dry.

Other Quick Facts about Beagles
They make great companion dogs since they love their families and are always indoors. The activity levels of the Beagle range from low to moderate and enjoys indoor playtime as well as walks. Although Beagles make great family dogs, it is important to supervise them while they are playing with young children. Snoring and snorting are some of the common traits of Puggles, especially when they are sleeping.

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