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Shiba is a popular dog breed that originates from Japan. This dog breed is also known as the Japanese Inu. The breed is one of the best “pound-for-pound” breeds in the world. It is a small dog that is known for its playfulness and loyalty. Shiba, also referred to as Shiba Inu, is a courageous dog that responds quite well to training. It also very friendly and can make a good companion dog. The breed is a happy companion that enjoys spending time outdoors in various environmental conditions. It truly appreciates outdoor exercise. Anyone who wants to acquire the Japanese Inu as a family pet should know that the breed gets along well with other pets and children.

Basically, these dogs are not overtly aggressive like other dog breeds. A lot is involved in coming up with a breed like this. However, the breed’s history sheds more light about its modern form. It is important to note that the Japanese Inu can be a bit stubborn at times. The dogs are known to enjoy human company and are versatile in terms of exercise, social skills, and play. The dog will not give your neighbors hard time by scaring them off since it is a relatively small dog. This Japanese breed is one of the best dog breeds in the world.

Native to Japan, the Japanese Inu is the smallest of all dog breeds. However, the dog is quite strong for its size and was traditionally used by hunters to explore and hunt through different terrain and thick brush in the Japanese Islands. In fact, the word Shiba means brushwood in Japanese while the word Inu means dog. Therefore, the Shiba Inu crafted a perfect name for itself. This breed has been a good companion and hunting dog for many years. This dog breed is mostly used as a hunting and companion dog even in the western world.

The Japanese Inu has strong instincts, confidence, and willingness to travel through difficult terrains. The number of Japanese Inu dogs in the world drastically decreased during the Second World War. However, their numbers slowly but steadily increased after the war and are now some of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Despite its small size, the Japanese Inu has been used to help hunt all sorts of animals including boars and bears. The dog is able to navigate through thick brushwood easily thanks to its small stature. It is believed that the breed came from similarly small ancestors who were also ideal for difficult terrains.

Food / Diet
Despite the fact that the breed comes from a country popular for its unique cuisine, the dog’s diet consists of readily available foods. However, avoid overfeeding your dog because it can easily gain weight and become obese.

The dog is considered trainable and can housebreak easily. This dog breed requires a dominant owner, who can act as the leader of the pack. Dogs are instinctively wired to follow the leader of the pack. The leader of the pack is often the strongest or forceful member of the pack. Dogs that live with human families consider the family as the pack. The leader of the pack should be everyone in the family. The dog should be trained to obey every member of the family. This requires dominance, training, and a strict discipline program.

The breed can weigh between 17-23 pounds. The dog normally uses its small stature for easy navigation in indoor and outdoor environments. Its small size allows it to move around difficult terrain.

Temperament / Behavior
The Japanese Inu is bold and good-natured. However, it is also important to know that the dog will want everything you eat. To stop this behavior, you may need to train it, set boundaries, and express your displeasure when the dog gets out of hand. This type of training should begin early when it is still a puppy. Otherwise, it would be almost impossible to train the dog when it is fully grown because its behavior have already been established.

The dogs are often described as catlike because of their independence, dignity, and reserved nature towards strangers. Japanese Inu is very loyal and affectionate to family members. They can also be a bit noisy with their barking especially when they want attention. However, they are delightful dogs that will wag their tails and spin in excitement when their masters come home from work.

It is important to ensure that your Japanese Inu socializes with other dogs. Get your puppy into puppy kindergarten classes by the time it is about 10 to 12 weeks. Pet owners should understand that puppy kindergartens require proof of vaccination. This is done to prevent the spread of infections including gut infections and rabies. It is also important to understand that pets can transmit certain diseases to human beings. This should be an important factor to consider for pet owners with families.

Take good care of your pet and remove anything in their environment that may cause diseases. Avoid contact between your pet and other pets to prevent the spread of diseases. Japanese Inus do not live well in outdoor spaces because they like human company and playing with children and other pets.

Consider taking your pet to the local vet regularly for checkup. This will make it easier for infections and diseases to be diagnosed early and proper treatment administered. Japanese Inus are prone to injuries including cuts and broken bones because of their playful and inquisitive nature, especially when outdoors. Examine your dog regularly for signs of injuries. Groom the dog by bathing it at least once a week and brushing its coat with a gentle brush. In addition, use vet approved toothpaste when brushing the dog’s teeth, which should be done on a weekly basis.

Japanese Inus are delightful dogs that make great family companions. In addition, they love physical activities and can also make great workout companions, especially when walking, running, or hiking. Be sure to buy your Japanese Inu puppy from a reputed dog breeder.

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