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Yorkie Crosss: Characteristics of the breed and how to live with a Yorkie Cross
Yorkie Cross is a generic name used to refer to dogs that have come about as the result of breeding a Yorkshire Terrier with a variety of other small breeds. This generally produces very cute dogs that look unique and carry attributes of both the breeds that they come from. The Yorkshire Terrier part of the Yorkie Cross mix has some well-known characteristics that we can outline here. They will feed into all of the crosses that we discuss. We will also outline some of the more common crosses, and the likely attributes that these crosses will bring.
This guide gives key information about common Yorkie Cross combinations. We will try to outline the normal physical characteristics of these crosses, and the typical personalities you can expect to see in a Yorkie Cross. We will then give some useful tips that should make life with a Yorkie Cross easier. If you decide to bring one of these unique dogs into your home, the information given here should help both of you to get off to a great start.
Physical characteristics of a Yorkie Cross
The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that you will often see being used as a fashion accessory! They are tiny dogs with long hair that can be dressed up in lots of endearing ways. Mixing them with other breeds only serves to create cuter variations that some people find hard to resist. This is the reason for the explosion in popularity of the Yorkie Cross. Mixing them with other breeds such as the Maltese, the Lhasa Apso, or the Shih Tzu can create all sorts of interesting looks. There are so many potentials for crosses that it would be a very long article if we tried to talk about them all!
The Yorkshire Terrier itself typically grows to just 17cm high. Crossing this breed with a slightly bigger breed will likely make the offspring a bit more substantial. There are few smaller dogs to cross it with! This is also true of the weight of a Yorkie Cross. The typical Yorkshire Terrier is thin and wiry rather than stocky, so will only weigh 4 to 6 pounds. Crossing with a stockier dog can bulk them up a little.
What we can say is that you will be left with a small dog, and these have some common characteristics to be aware of. The long lifespan of many small dogs, relative to other animals of the same sort of size, makes them ideal long-term companion. Lifespans over 15 years are possible, and you should plan for them to be around for at least 12 years!
Just like a lot of breeds, the Yorkie Cross can have hereditary health complications. Check with the breeder that sells you a puppy that they have carried out the necessary checks for both parents. Pure breeds are better known for having health complications, but a cross breed does not automatically ensure that this problem goes away. The breeder cannot guarantee which traits are passed from parent to puppy, so both parents need to be suitable for breeding.
Any Yorkie Cross will be less able to regulate its temperature than a big dog. If you are taking them outside in cold weather, consider a cute dog coat or sweater to ensure they are happy. If you live in a very warm country, be aware that they might struggle with the heat and that you should avoid taking them out during the hottest parts of the day. Living in an air conditioned building is the best way to keep them happy.
Personality of a Yorkie Cross
The personality of a dog is partly dependent on genetics, and partly dependent on environment. When dealing with a mix, this becomes even harder to predict than for a pure breed. Just like with health conditions, the breeder can’t decide what characteristics will be passed on in the breeding process. This is a common issue with all crosses, not just the Yorkie Cross. You might think that breeding a Yorkshire Terrier with a less yappy small dog would make sense, but this might not have any effect at all!
The Yorkshire Terrier was bred for chasing vermin, so any Yorkie Cross is likely to have inherited a love of chasing after small animals – especially when you consider that many small dogs were bred with this purpose in mind, so the puppy could be getting it from both sides.
Small dogs tend to be funny and friendly, but also quite dependent. You should be aware that most Yorkie Cross combinations will need to be treated as companion dogs. They will want to spend time inside with you and the rest of their family, and may succumb quickly to separation anxiety when left alone.
How to live with a Yorkie Cross
With a small dog, there are several assumptions that can be made about how they will be. First off, they will be more fragile than a big dog. For this reason you should make sure they are not left alone with children, especially young children, as they can cause the dog a lot of damage without realising it. Consider your home environment too – if there are things that can be knocked off shelves or pulled over, these could seriously injure your dog. It would be neglectful to bring a Yorkie Cross into this environment, so make sure you are happy to ‘dog proof’ your home.
To get any issues with yappiness or other typical small dog behaviour under control it is a good idea to get your dog into training from day one. You should act as the main trainer as you will be the leader of their pack and the person they look to the most. If your skills are not up to scratch then get this sorted out before you buy the dog – you don’t want to be forced into it and resent your dog for the inconvenience! When you get it right, be ready for a Yorkie Cross to bring lots of love and entertainment into your home.

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