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Yorkshire Terrier: Characteristics of the breed and how to live with a Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny (and cute!) little dog named after the Yorkshire region of England. They were bred here in the 19th Century to chase after the rats that infested clothing mills in the industrial areas. It has some well-known characteristics that we will describe here. This information will allow you to find out more about this breed before you decide to bring one into your home. If you do, we have also outlined some handy tips that will make your life with a Yorkshire Terrier somewhat easier. Taking on any dog is a big decision (though it looks like a small one in this case!), so it pays to be as well prepared as possible.
Physical characteristics of a Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog that you will often see being used as a fashion accessory! They are very small dogs with a long coat of hair. They have cute faces – the mouth is often open with the tongue hanging out, and their dark eyes give an even more appealing look. They seem friendly just from looking at them, and many owners dress them up in endearing ways.
The Yorkshire Terrier typically grows to only 17cm in height. They are also thin and skinny, so don’t weigh much – typically between 4 and 6 pounds. They won’t need a huge amount of exercise as a result.
They are generally healthy and long-lived, but they are prone to a severe liver disease called liver shunt. As always, sourcing a dog from a respectable breeder will ensure that the parents were suitably healthy for breeding. If they can’t show evidence of health checks then it is probably best to avoid.
Grooming will be a regular job for any Yorkie owner. You can choose to brush and comb them frequently to stave off a matted mess, or you can have them sheared short make things much easier. Many owners go to great lengths with their grooming; Yorkies with hair bands and other accessories that complement their flowing coat are common.
Personality of a Yorkshire Terrier
There are two schools of thought about Yorkshire Terriers. Some people look at their size and domesticated temperament and swear that they are delicate handbag dogs that need to be protected and pampered. Others will declare that they are vicious terriers, made for hunting and chasing, and that you should not underestimate what they are capable of. All dogs are a result of a combination of environment and natural disposition, so the view of an owner can have a big bearing on how each dog turns out.
Really, there are likely to be elements of both. For a start, a Yorkshire Terrier will always love comfort. They will want to snuggle on your lap or on some comfy pillows. This makes them the ideal lapdog for a senior citizen or someone who wants companionship. They are light dogs and will tolerate being carried around like toys. Yorkies love their owners and have undying loyalty.
However, the Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred for chasing after rats, mice, rabbits and more, so this is likely to be a non-negotiable part of its personality. Essentially, they have the attitude of being a big dog in a small dog’s body. They will tenaciously pursue anything that acts like prey and runs away from them. This generally doesn’t apply to cats that they know (cats face up to them, unlike prey), but makes them totally unsuitable for living with other small household rodents and even birds. For the same reason, they must always be kept on a lead when you take them for a walk.
The other thing to watch out for in a Yorkshire Terrier is socialisation. They need to be socialised well from a young age or they will become excessively suspicious and standoffish. They will often be bossy and scrappy with other dogs, though this is probably due to feeling threatened. You will need to manage social interactions to ensure that your Yorkie is kept safe. They also have a shrill bark that can become the bane of your existence if they are allowed to yap at everything. They need extensive exposure to unusual sights and sounds, and gentle discouragement from barking, in order to get round this.
How to live with a Yorkshire Terrier
The Yorkshire Terrier is definitely more prone to harm than a big dog. Many people don’t realise just how fragile toy breeds are. You should watch your step when around them – it is all too easy to kill them by treading on them in a darkened room. If you have small children you should make sure they are not left alone with your dog, as their rough or clumsy play might harm the dog too. Your home will need ‘dog proofing’ so that nothing is likely to fall on them. With these precautions taken, your life with a Yorkshire Terrier should be much less stressful!
It is worth knowing that Yorkshire Terriers and small children do not mix! The child might be well meaning, but they can’t help their clumsiness and their intentions won’t matter much to a Yorkshire Terrier that is being sat on, squeezed, hit or dropped. They will respond defensively to any quick movement that is likely to harm them, often with defensive biting. It is best to avoid having them in dangerous situations at all.
The final thing you need to be prepared for with Yorkshire Terriers is housetraining. This is notoriously difficult as they have small bladders and will dislike going outside in the cold or the rain. A covered area outside for your dog to use is perhaps the best solution, and this can be couple with a doggy door so that they can access it whenever the need arises.
Living with a Yorkie can certainly present more challenges than their tiny size would initially suggest. The reward for getting it right will be a sparky, cute and loyal companion.

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